Unknown maker

[Antique etching and engraving, ets en gravure] Unknown maker, Zij-RAES.

Large horizontal print with a view on an oriental city, possibly in Arabia. In the left foreground, two characters resting in the shadow of a ruined building.

Titled above: “Zij-RAES.”; with page number on top right corner: “174.” Plate drawn from an unknown publication. Within the landscape are visible some tiny numbers that might find explanation within the text of the book or a legend in another plate.

Etching and engraving on paper; sheet folded in the middle and then again in the half; plate mark: 250 x 648 mm, total: 323 x 657 mm; vertical creases due to folding, some tears on the margins repaired with tape; two larger tears on the creases repaired from the verso. Bright and nice impression.

Incl. BTW  121,00

Excl. BTW  100,00