Renesse, Constantijn Daniël van (1626-1680)

Portrait of a young man in profile.

Young man in profile, turned towards the left. This print was formerly attributed to Rembrandt. Renesse was a pupil of Rembrandt, nevertheless this plate is also ambiguously attributed to him by the literature. This plate is rather exhausted, although very interesting as, in the process of printing, it might have slipped. Therefore the final result looks a bit out of focus. Still the deep scratches on the plate are still visible in this impression.

Etching on paper, with some margin; plate mark: 97 x 63 mm, total: 122 x 92 mm; very exhausted impression, brown line on the right margin, slightly affecting the plate; mounted with top margin on cardboard; Hollstein (Rembrandt) B El. 30; Wurzbach 10 (as C. D. van Renesse)

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