Pamphlet: untitled. Relation des zwischen der Kanserl. Spanischen und Holländischen, und der Frantzösischen Armee […].

German translation of a Dutch account of the battle of Seneffe on the 11th of August 1674 between the French and an alliance under William III, by an officer who had participated in this battle. The report includes lists of fallen and wounded officers on both sides.
This text is part of two sheets belonging together, forming a news pamphlet. The missing sheet depicts an anonymous engraving of the battle (Stolk 2600). German.
[s.l.], [s.d.], [s.n.].
For the original Dutch version, cf. Stolk 2599 and Muller 2554.

h 435 x 350 mm, one sheet. Good condition.
Some creeses and tears along margins. ‘No. 13’ handwritten on verso side (pencil).
Paper has become thin/sparse and see-trough at certain places. PAM086.

Incl. BTW  163,50

Excl. BTW  150,00

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