[Signatory: Vockestaert, H.].

Pamphlet: Publicatie. De Heeren Burgemeesteren ende Regeerders der Stadt Delft, doen een iegelyk mits deesen weeten […] Des dat voor geen minvermogende Ingezeetenen zullen gehouden werden […].

Announcement of the municipal authorities of the town of Delft concerning the registration of citizens of lower income groups who can make a request for exemption or reduction of a provincial tax.
Issued in the city of Delft on the 6th of August, 1749. Dutch.
Delft: Boitet, Reinier, 1749.

H 425 x w 333 mm, in-plano.
Fair condition. Group of brown spots on top half sheet, most notably around printer’s device, in middle of left margin, and in bottom margin. Minor water damage across sheet. Discoloured horizontal and vertical creases, in latter some minor holes and tears. PAM059.

Incl. BTW  103,55

Excl. BTW  95,00

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