Signatory: Beaumont, Simon van.

Pamphlet. Placaet. De Staten van Hollandt ende West-Vrieslandt […] dat eenige baetsoeckende menschen misbruycken de inventie omme soo op de Windt als op Paerde-Molens ghepelde Garst te maecken […].

Ordinance of the States of Holland prohibiting the milling (molen gebruiken) as well as the importing of any kind of groats (gort) in order to prevent the mixing of wheat with inferior cereals as barley and rye.
Dutch. [S.n]. 20th of June, 1687, [S.l.].

h 250 x w 285 mm, in-1o, one sheet.
Fair condition. Pamphlet trimmed on right side and bottom edge, and cut into two pieces (bottom three lines on second piece of sheet). Left edge has been folded inwards. Handwritten on verso side with pen in brown ink: ‘N 92’.

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Excl. BTW  75,00

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