Signatory: Allemonde (Almonde), P. van (luitenant-admiraal).

Pamphlet. Missiven, van den Secretaris T. Baden, geschreven aen Haer Hoog Mogende. Uyt Westminster den derden ende sesden Junij 1692.

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h 460 x b 325 mm, in-1o, one sheet.
Fair condition. Creased and torn left, right and bottom edges, with deepest tears in right margin. Square cut out of bottom margin, right next to impressum. Two clusters of small circular brown spots in right margin (which are also visible on verso side); the spots in the cluster located nearest to bottom margin are all hollow. Long, slightly discoloured vertical crease through middle of sheet with therein small minor lacunae. Estates General, Staten Generaal, Negenjarige Oorlog, Nine Years’ War, Barfleur, La Hogue, Louis XIV.

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Product type: Manuscripts
Period Made: 1650-1700