Pamphlet. Extract Notarieel. Uyt seeckere Missive van een Raetsheer des Koninks van Engelandt. Waer in klaer vertoont werd dat de Gecomiteerde [sic.] van onsen Staet, geen macht gehadt hebben de Vrede met Engelandt te bevorderen.

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h 330 x b 200 mm, one sheet.
Good/fair condition. Discolouration along bottom edge. Two small circular brown spots in upper margin, above title. Three of four edges have been reinforced with strips of cardboard-like paper. A few minor lacunae, particularly two in margins on either side, in middle of sheet.
Various calculations are handwritten on sheet: ‘No 98’ in top margin. Outlines of the word ‘Vrede’ and the ‘M’ of ‘Mr’ have been traced, as well as number ‘6’ in ‘1672’, located in impressum. Here next to, a scribble/drawing.
Knuttel 10059 / 10140.

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Product type: Manuscripts
Period Made: 1650-1700