[Signatories of the statement: Paulus Colonius a.o.]

Pamphlet: Copye van een Vertooch door drye Gedeputeerden aen de vergaderinghe der Remonstranten ofte Arminianen ghesonden, gehouden tot Tiel den sesten May, 1617. Hier zijn tot gherief des eenvoudigen Lesers byghevoecht de vijff Artijckelen daer hen de Remonstranten ofte Arminianen altijdts op beroepen.

All signatories of the statement: Paulus Colonius, Godefridus Broeckhuysen, Johannes Seroien, Adriaen Hartwech, Johannes Verhouwel, Bernard Buschoff, Maes Gerritsen, Wynant Woutersen, Wynant van Byler, Johannes Vermeulen.

1. Concerning a statement on behalf of a number of Counter-remonstrant ministers from the Betuwe, that they do not recognize the authority of the Remonstrant classis meeting in Tiel in 1617 and therefore opt not to attend.
2. An anonymus ‘I’, almost certainly someone from the same Counter-remonstrant milieu, provides the reader with the Five articles of Remonstrance, and a point-by-point refutation and condemnation thereof. Dutch.
[s.l]: [s.n], 1617.

H 180 x w 145 mm, in-4o, [8] pp. Bound in a simple paper cover.
Good condition, minor water staining on all bottom margins. Some foxing stains on all pages.
Handwritten marginalia on A3 verso and A4 recto.
Petit 1110.

Incl. BTW  103,55

Excl. BTW  95,00


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