Thulden, Theodor van (1606-1669) after Rubens, Pieter Paul (1577-1640)

[Original etching/ets] Triumphal arch for Ferdinand of Augsburg’s (1609-1641) entrance in Antwerp (1634).

John Rupert Martin discusses this print as nr. 54, p. 212 within Part XVI of the “Corpus Rubenianum”: “The arch at St. Michael’s: The rear face. With the exception of the inscriptions and the picture in the tympanum, the rear side of the St. Michael’s Arch is identical to the front face. It is amusing to discover that Van Thulden has in fact used the same plate to illustrate both sides: having first pulled a sufficient number of prints of the front face, he was then able, by burnishing and re-etching certain parts of the plate, to make it serve for the rear face as well. This has resulted in an inconsistent rendering of the direction of light. In the painting designed for this side of the arch (the south side), Rubens made sure that the fall of light should be from the left, that is, from the welt. Van Thulden, on the other hand, by repeating the elevation of the front, or north, side of the arch, makes it appear that the architecture, in contrast with the painting, is lighted from the right. The painting over the archway represents “Bellerophon slaying the Chimera” [another] symbol of heroic virtue triumphant over evil.”
Used as plate in C. Gevartius, Pompa introitus … Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum Infantis … a S.P.Q. Antverp, decreta et adornata, cum … ad Norlingam parta victoria Antverpiam … adventu suo bearet … 1635 : arcus, pegmata iconesque a Pet. Paulo Rubenio … inventas & delineatas inscriptionibus & elogiis ornabat, libroque commentario illustrabat, Theodoor van Thulden en Joannes Meursius, Antwerpen 1641.

Inscribed on the top right corner: ‘pag. 162 A.’, signed below: ‘P.P. Rubens Inuent / C. Geu epig. illustrabat / T. a Thul fe.’

Etching and engraving on paper, with small margins; plate mark: 498 x 314 mm, total: 506 x 328 mm; only state (after modification); rather cooked paper, foldings on the margins, especially towards the top; however in fair condition. Hollstein 138, Muller 1727. Date of publishing 1641 in Antwerp.

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