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[Original etching/ets] The funeral of Tyter the dog of Willem de Bont/De begrafenis van Tyter de hond van schout Willem de Bont, published 1707-1707.

Mr. Willem de Bont, bailiff (schout) in Leiden “was a controversial figure as a merciless prosecutor of the Remonstrants (a group of moderate-minded Protestants). When his dog Tyter died, he buried him with impressive pomp on the 20th [actually 29th] January 1634. […] Tyter’s corpse was borne along to the tolling of bells. The bier was followed by a maidservant in mourning who carried young dogs, descendants of Tyter, on her arm. The pups wore crêpe bands. More dogs, also in weepers, followed. A cat that was also invited refused to join the procession. After the funeral the children were given a generous treat. This eccentric event inspired Joost van den Vondel – who sympathized with the Remonstrants – to write his satire “Aen alle Honde-slagers en Hondenbeuls” (“To all the dog-butchers and dog executioners”): Bailiff Bont, sitting on the kennel, / Let all the dog fanciers know / That Tyter will be buried; / That he will serve cake and wine / And with his curs and his scoundrels / Will water the grave of the dog’s soul.” (Johan Koppenol: “Noah’s Ark Disembarked In Holland: Animals In Dutch Poetry, 1500–1700” in “Early Modern Zoology: The Construction of Animals in Science, Literature and the Visual Arts”, 2007 p. 483). Inscribed at bottom: ‘Begraefenis van den Hond van Schout Bont, naar een echt Schilderijtje getekent’. Used as illustration in Joost van den Vondel’s: “Hekeldichten” published by P. Brakman in Amersfoort 1707.

Etching on paper, with some margin; plate mark: 153 x 255 mm, total: 203 x 285 mm; mounted on cardboard, in great condition.

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