Jacob van Meurs (I) (1619/20-1680)

[Original engraving, gravure] J. van Meurs [?] The Island of Sacrifice, published 1670-1671.

Two illustrations from either the 1670 edition of De nieuwe en onbekende weereld: of beschryving van American en ’t zuid-land or the translated 1671 version America : being the latest, and most accurate description of the New World compiled by Arnoldus Montanus (1625-1683).

One of the prints shows the gruesome habbit of human sacrifice perpetrated in the infamous Island of Sacrifice (p. 74 in the first edition and p. 78 in the second) which is described in these words: “[…] Amongst other strange Images, there stood a great Lyon of Marble, seeming almost decollated with a great gash; into which Wound they pour’d humane Blood warm, which was receiv’d into a Stone Trough set for that purpose underneath; then the Figure of a Man Carv’d in Alabaster, bowing forward, as if looking into the Trough upon the Blood. Those which were sacrificed were prisoners taken on the neighboring Coasts, whom bringing before their Idols, they ripping open make no farther inspection, but onely to whup out the Heart; with which having smear’d the Lips of their Idols, they throw into the Fire: the Heads and Corps they let lie unburi’d; whose fleshy parts, especially their Cheeks, they feast upon. […].”

The other illustration on the verso shows other sacrifices and idols.

Engraving on paper, trimmed within plate mark; total: 126 x 176 mm; mounted on a sheet of laid paper with the left margin so to show the verso. Despite a tiny stain on the top left corner, in good condition.

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