Muller, Harmen Jansz. (1540-1617) after Heemskerck, Maarten van (1498-1574)

NON OCCIDES (the ten Commandements)

‘Thou shalt not kill’ [Ex. 20:13; Deut. 5:17]. In a landscape, Cain slaying Abel on the right; on he left scenes from the daily life of the first men on earth. Signed and inscribed; on the left: "H Muller fecit", "Genes. III cap.", "HMemmskerk Inuen" (HM monogrammed), "Phls Galle excudebat"; on the bottom: "*NON OCCIDES* EXOD.XX." Numbered with a "5" low left within the picture.

Engraving on paper, pasted on another leaf due to damages on the lower margin;’ second "C" of "occides" completed in pen. Tot: 209 x 247 mm. State II/3. (New Hollstein, The Muller Dinasty, part I: Harmen Jansz. Muller; nr. 13, p. 92) PB01OT

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