[In Memoriam soldaten uit Indie]

‘Nieuwe Amsterdamsche Courant; Algemeen Handelsblad’. About tentoontstelling nijverheid London en Currency Dutch East Indies.

General Trade Journal (Nieuwe Amsterdamsche Courant; Algemeen Handelsblad), nr. 6400, Monday June, 14th 1852. This edition is about the exposition of the diligence of all the nations in the world LVI accompanied by drawings about the equipment for agriculture and horticulture. There is also an article about the recovery of the currency in the Dutch East Indies.

Measurements: 475 x 310 mm. Condition: Age-related discolouration, foxing, with a fold down the middle and a bit tattered.

Incl. BTW  27,25

Excl. BTW  25,00

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