Laurent Verwey van Udenhout (1884-1913)

[Modern drawing and prints] Deathmask with sunflower and dagger, ca. 1900.

Death mask with sunflower and dagger. Sketch, preparatory drawing, and two impressions. The sketch and preparatory drawing are on recto and verso of the same cardboard. The sketch, in particular, shows how the artist’s original intentions, by means of dispositions of elements in the composition. It is not possible to determine

Verwey van Udenhout was active in the area of The Hague, between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. He was a very gifted graphic artist besides being a painter. He drew portraits, some very intense self-portraits, landscapes and still lives. He died at a very young age in 1913. Many of his works are signed and dated.

Drawing: pencil on cardboard, total: 244 x 173 mm; in good condition despite some tiny rust marks; pin holes on the top corners. Prints: etching with some drypoint on China paper; plate mark: 218 x 158 mm, total: 249 x 181 mm; other impression with some aquatint total: 354 x 247 mm; besides some foldings among the most external margins in outstanding condition.

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