Lafontaine, August

[Literature 1817-1818] Agatha, of Het grafgewelf. Vertaald uit het Duits. Leiden, A. & J. Honkoop, 1817-1818, [2 vols.], 350, 370 pp.

Half leather binding, 8°: (vol. 1) pi A-Y 8 (-Y8), pages: [2] 350; (vol. 2) pi A-Z 8 2A 2 (-2A2), pages: [2] 370 pp.

Dutch translation of the German original “Agathe, oder Das Grabgewölbe” (1817). Two engraved title pages with identical vignette by Philip (Philippus) Velijn (Dutch engraver 1787-1836) after Jacob Smies. Two beautiful full page plates by Velijn after Ramberg and Smies.

Damaged lettering piece, corner cut off of both title pages, with resulting text loss.

Lit.: Buisman 1242; Saalmink II, p.1077

– literature, translation, German, vertaling –

Oorspronkelijke titel Agathe, oder Das Grabgewölbe (1817). L0135.

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