Greenaway, Kate

Language of Flowers, illustrated by Kate Greenaway, printed in colours by Edmund Evans. London, Routledge and Sons, n. d. [1884].

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This beautiful little book is all about flowers and their meanings. Pages 7-47 contain a list of alphabetically ordered flowers and their meaning. On pages 48-60 the list is reversed. This way you can search emotions and see which flower is most appropriate for it. Pages 61-79 are filled with small poems about flowers by famous writers. The last page shows a list of illustrations. This book can be seen as a must have for well-mannered Victorian women. If you followed the book you could make the perfect flower arrangement for every occasion. Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) illustrated the book with medallion-like pictures and small individual ones. Her beautiful Victorian scenes and soft pastel-like colours fit the content of the book perfectly.

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