Jode, Gerard de I (1516/17-1591); after Vos, Maarten de (1532-1603)

Judith Presented to Holophernes [Jud. 10:17-19 and 12:15-20], from ‘Thesaurus novi Testamenti elegantissimis iconibus expressus continens historias atque miracula doni nostri Iesu Christi’

At centre, general Holophernes, seen at centre seated under a canopy and Judith standing before him, with her arms crossed on her chest, a maid seen behind her; soldiers armed with lances seen on either side. Part of the set of four plates on the ‘Story of Judith’. Trimmed borders, text taken out.

Engraving; total 262 x 190 mm; Hollstein (M. De Vos) 173 PB01OT

Incl. BTW  181,50

Excl. BTW  150,00

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