Titsingh, Isaac

Illustrations of Japan, consisting of private memoirs and anecdotes of the reigning dynasty of the Djogouns, or sovereigns of Japan, a description of the feasts and ceremonies observed throughout the year at their court; and of the ceremonies customary at marriages and funerals: to which are subjoined, observations on the legal suicide of the Japanese, remarks on their poetry, an explanation of their mode of reckoning time, particulars respecting the dosia powder (…). London, R. Ackerman 1822.

40, half leather, 16 + 325 pp. Illustrated with 25 handcoloured lithographed plates. Some plates fortified. Slight browning and foxing on some of the pages. Titsingh was the formerly chief agent to the Dutch East India company at Nangasaki. Translated from the French, by Frederic Schoberl. With coloured plates “faithfully copied from Japanese Original Designs. Title of the plates: Residence of the Djogoun at Yedo, Earthquake & Eruption of the Mountain of Asama-yama, in the Province of Sinano, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption & Indunation in the Province of Simahara, Plan of the Dutch Factory in the Island of Desima at Nangasaki, House of the chief of the Dutch Company, the Chinese Factory in the street of Teng-chan at Nangasaki, Founded in 1688, Several lithographes with house scenes, large folded one of the Funeral Procession of the Governor of Nangasaki and below the Funeral Procession of a superior civil officer (printed on linnen).
With stamp at first page of the Free public library and museum Blackburn. B0443.

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