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[Handcolored Opticaprent/Optical view The Hague/Den Haag] Gesight van de Heere Grast siende na get Besugden Hout (Herengracht na het Bezuidenhout), published ca. 1770.

Optical print with a view of the Herengracht in The Hague (de Herengracht in Den Haag). This canal was filled in 1850, since then it has been an accessible street.  The print shows the busy road next to the canal, on which carriages ride around and people walk by. The print is colored in pastel-like tones.

Inscribed below: ‘Gesight van de Heere Grast siende na get Besugden Hout / Vue du Heere-Gast du Cotte du Midy du Bois’. Numbered on the bottom left corner: ‘Tt. N.2.’

Hand colored etching and engraving on paper; plate mark: 314 x 405 mm, total: 350 x 448 mm.; some foxing, a small tear on the top margin, some smudges, otherwise in good condition.

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