Grant of arms donated by Sir Fames Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King of Arms, to miss Agnes Nisbet Johnston of Millbank in the Parish of Urr and Stewardry of Kirkcudbright (Scotland), is allowed to use the coat-of-arms of her grandfather Robert Johnston, the dispossessed proprietor of Duchrae.

British Empire, Edinburgh, d.d. 12 February 1907. Vellum charter, Good condition. 43×60 cm. Manuscript text and calligraphy, with the hand coloured, partly in gold, coat-of-arms of the Johnston family. Original signature of Balfour Paul and his wax seal in a copper disc shaped casing. Encased in a made to fit oblong wooden case, with metal closing mechanism and clothed with red linen, decorated in gold with EVIIR initials and crowns. Miss Agnes Johnston is the eldest daughter of Samual Johnston of Millbank and his wife Hannah Barron (daughter of Joseph Barron and Rachel Atherton, Standish) and in the end related to Robert Johnston mentioned as the dispossessed proprietor of Duchrae. The charter allows Miss Johnston and her relatives to use the Johnston coat-of-arms. H95

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