Carel de Moor (1656-1738), after Frans van Mieris I (1635-1681)

[Antique portrait print, etching] FRANCISCUS A MIERIS Pictor Leidensis/Schilder Frans van Mieris, c. 1667.

Portrait of the painter Frans van Mieris (Nederlandse schilder Frans van Mieris), after his self portrait. Inscribed below the image:”FRANCISCUS A MIERIS/ Pictor Leidensis”. Dating from about 1667.

Etching on paper, no margins; total: 203 x 140 mm. Tiny hole in the center on the gown of the painter. State III/3. Hollstein vol. 14 (1956), p. 77, nr. 3 PP01M (Mieris).

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