Rugendas, Georg Philipp I (1666-1742), Wolff, Jeremias (1663-1724) and Engelbrecht, Martin (1684-1756)

Ets/etching: Soldiers on a battlefield [1/6] (soldaten op het slagveld).

Soldiers on a battlefield: a cannon with balls and barrels gunpowder on the left foreground, in the middle a dead(?) horse and several soldiers talking to each other. On the left background a landscape with clouds of smoke. Signed below: “Georg Philipp. Rugendas del. Cum Privileg. Sac Caes. Maj. Ieremias Wolff excud. Aug. Vind. Martinus Engelbrecht sc.” Numbered on bottom right: “1”, of six. Ca. 1704-1756. On verso collector’s mark of Pim van Eekelen (Amsterdam 1923-1984), L. 5101.

Etching on paper with margins, plate mark: 168 x 227 mm, total: 183 x 256 mm; in very good condition. In passe partout. Schott 1924 (116, 2340). Published in Augsburg between 1704-1756.

Incl. BTW  145,20

Excl. BTW  120,00

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