Bloteling, Abraham (1640-1690)

Etching/ets of The burial ground at Ouderkerk near Amsterdam. Set of two etchings by Abraham Blooteling after Jacob van Ruisdael. [Amsterdam], 1670.

Very good impressions of both etchings, only state. Fine set with wide margins. Around 1655 Jacob van Ruysdael made two romantic paintings and several drawings of the jewish burial ground at Ouderkerk aan den Amstel near Amsterdam. The place was bought in 1614 by the Sefardic jews of Amsterdam, the so-called ‘marranen’, who needed a place to bury their deceased in the jewish tradition (a ‘Beth-Chajiem’). The variety and exuberant style of the tombs reflects the different backgrounds of the Sefardic jews in Amsterdam (Portugal, Spain, Italy), in contradiction with sober graveyards of the Dutch jews. The foreign atmosphere inspired Ruisdael and Blooteling to these two beautiful etchings, depicting three large tombs. The middle one – still to be seen at Ouderkerk – is the grave of ‘chacham’ Izak Uziel, born in Fez in Marocco, who came to Amsterdam in 1615. He had great influence on the jewish community in the city and was the teacher of a.o. the printer and publisher rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel.

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