Anonymous artist

Engraving/gravure: Warminiaen: Satirical print on the Arminians. (The five-headed creature) (Spotprent Arminianen).

Satirical print on the Arminians. The impression shows the five-headed and four-legged monster named Warminiaen (inscribed on the chest). This monster has the heads of Avarice (Avaritia), Stupidity (Stupiditas), Deceit (Fraus), Sedition (Seditio) and Opinion (Opinio). In his hands, he bears attributes of Envy (Invidia) and War (Bellum). Under his feet, he tramples the Innocence and Peace (Pax) and Justice (Justitia). With inscriptions in Dutch and Latin. On top left: “De nieusgierige hoop t’ Veelhoofdich….”. The original plate was intended as a general allegory with Latin inscription (Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, RP-P-OB-77.294). Later on, the plate was modified and inscriptions concerning the Arminians appeared. Dated on the bottom right: ‘1618 exc.’.

Engraving on paper; pasted down on another sheet for conservation purposes; total: 232 x 149 mm; bottom right corner slightly damaged, creased due to folding. Otherwise very good impression. Frederik Muller 1355a.

Incl. BTW  423,50

Excl. BTW  350,00