Unknown maker

Engraving/gravure: ALDVS MANUCIVS (Portrait of Aldo Manuzio) (Portret van Italiaanse humanist en publicist Manuzio).

Portrait of Aldo I Manuzio, bust, in profile, facing right, wearing a gown over tunic and hat. Manuzio was an editor, grammarian and Italian humanist. He is considered one of the greatest publishers ever existed in a modern sense. He introduced the italic format and the octavo as book format. He used to mark the books he edited with a very recognizable device: an anchor with a dolphin.
This engraving was made after renown portaits of him. Inscribed below: “ALDVS ANUCIVS. / Buchdrucker in Venedig. / War Geboren in Rom A. 1445 / und Starb A. 1515.” German impression from before 1750.
On verso collector’s mark L. 4780; from the collection Simon Emmering (1914-1999)

Engraving on paper with margins: plate mark: 149 x 100 mm, total: 191 x 132; mounted on mat in passepartout. In very good condition.

Incl. BTW  108,90

Excl. BTW  90,00