Pautre, Jean le (1617-1682), Pautre, Piere le (1660-1734) published by Mariette, Pierre, II (1634-1716)

Eight landscapes with decorative borders (set of eight)

Beautiful etchings with landscapes enclosed into decorative, geometrical and floreal frames; many landscapes have biblical representations: for example plate numbered with 1 is Moses by the Red Sea and nr 2. Moses striking the rock with a stick; all the plates present Mariette’s indications and on one plate (nr. 3) with address: ‘a Paris Chez P. Mariette rue S. Jacques a l ‘Esperance avecq privilege’; plates are numbered and therefore are from the 1751 collection: Oeuvres d’architecture de Jean Le Pautre architecte, dessinateur et graveur du Roi : contenant les Portes, Cheminées, Lambris, Alcoves, Cabinets, Portails d’Églises, Clôtures de Chapelles, Portes de Choeur, Retables d’Autel, Tabernacles, Soleils, Plaques, Eau-bénitiers, Chaires à prêcher, OEuvres et Bancs de Marguilliers, Confessionnaux, Sépultures, Epitaphes, et Tombeaux.

Etchings and engraving on paper with some margin; ca. plate mark: 217 x 298 mm, total: 227 x 308 mm; the first plate is pasted down, probably because of defects on he paper; all the other plates are in good condition, despite some smudges on the bottom right corner; Nagler 5

Incl. BTW  907,50

Excl. BTW  750,00

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