Gouthoeven, Wouter van

D’oude chronijcke ende historien van Holland (met West-Vriesland) van Zeeland ende van Utrecht.

‘s-Gravenhage, Hillebrant van Wouw, 1636. 2 volumes in 1. Full contemporary leather. Rubbed on the edges. Folio, (16)+626+(12)+391 pag. Illustrated with woodcuts of the counts of Holland. Van Gouthoeven (1577-1623) was involved in the study of genealogy and history. He descended from a distinguished family and was Roman Catholic. This caused him to be excluded from civil service. His foremost publication was this chronical, for which he edited the Divisiekroniek of Aurelius (1517 and later editions). The first part of Gouthoeven’s chronical runs to 1555. Pag. 1 to 75 contains the chronical of Aurelius, p. 75 t/m 226 contains an addendum by W. v. G[outhoeven] and pag. 227 t/m 629 contains an adaptation of Out Batavien by P. Scriverius. The second part contains continuations for the period 1556-1636 by a.o. E. de Veer and N. de Clerck. The book contains moreover a dedicationto the Staten van Holland (1620), by Pieter Verhaghen, a foreword by Van Gouthoeven and foreword in rhyme signed ‘Reyn liefd’ betoont’. From pages 75 t/m 226 of the first part is show particularly Van Gouthoevens own interest: genealogy and local history. He discibe ‘baljuwschapen’, cities, castles, cloisters and noble families of Holland. He also gives a great amount of name lists of functionaries in the Middel Ages and sixteenth century. The first edition of the book dates from 1620. Our volume has four pages added in between pages 82 and 83 that concern more information on the house Roosenburgh near Voorschoten and with woodcuts of a ‘blyde’, a ‘boots-wagen’ and of a ‘muer-breecker’ or ‘mol’, instruments that were used in the fights at Roosenburgh in 1350.B0367

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