Leopold, Joseph Friedrich (1668-1727)[?]; Müller, Johann Adam (1698-1738) [?]

Das Johannes Feuer / Der Som[m]er

German engraving from the 18th century representing the so called ‘St. John’s fire’, a celebration for the beginning of the summer. The personnages represented are quite charicaturized (dwarf?). On the bottom of the print a poem in German reads:"Die Meigel einen Sprung, / nach ihrem Fritz will wagen. / Da kompt das Hämd ihm brand, / und ihr zersprang der Magen." Possibly from a serie representing the four seasons (see item 59580) Attribution by comparison with Aestas and Autumnus at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg [Brückner, Wolfgang: Imagerie Populaire Allemande, Milano, 1969, p. 105]

Engraving with some etching; total: 176 x 258 mm PG014

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