‘Conspirateurs, jeghens den heere Prince van Orangien’; conspirators against Prince Maurice

In the foreground, the standing figures of Hendrick Danielsz Slatius, Reinier van Barneveld, and Adriaan van Dijk, accused of conspiring against Maurice (Maurits), Prince of Orange. Between them are four small medallion portraits of Abraham and Jan Blansaert, Willem Perty, and Davidt Coornwinder. In the background are body parts hanging from pikes. Inset are two scenes of gruesome executions, beheading and dismemberment. Image from a large broadsheet with the accompanying text in letterpress here absent.

Etching and engraving on paper; total: 180 x 253 mm; mounted onto cardboard, reinforced on verso in upper right and lower left. Muller 1481 (‘zeldzaam’), Atlas Van Stolk 1561.

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Excl. BTW  100,00

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