Unknown engraver, Schenk, Pieter (1660-1713)

COLUMNA imp. ANTONINI PII… Views of Rome [Set title]

Twentieth plate of 100 portraying Rome’s palaces and ruins and even reconstruction of ancient buildings in Rome. The second state of these etchings were collected in the publication by Peter Schenck:’Roma aeterna, sive ipsius aedificiorum Romanorum, integrorium collapsorumque, conspectus duplex. ‘ In the ‘Aedificiorum Index’:’20. Columna Antoniniana’, view on the Column of Antoninus Pius a Roman honorific column, devoted in 161 to the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, in the Campus Martius, on the edge of the hill now known as Monte Citorio. Inscribed on the bottom in Latin and Dutch:’COLUMNA imp. ANTONINI PII… / P Schenck exc: Amsteloed: cum Privil:’

Etching on paper with margins; platemark: 197 x 168 mm; total: 255 x 191 mm; state I/2; some dirt along the external margins; Hollstein 1497-1596; Nagler 177; Le Blanc 19; Wurzbach 313

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