Centsprent: [Life of Cartouche] N. 56.

Catchpenny and children’s print in Dutch and French about the highwayman Louis Dominique de Cartouche, presented as an example of a villain to encourage the young readers to stay virtuous and devout. The print sums up his crimes, such as stealing, assaulting women, and hiding his identity. It ends with his execution, which took place in Paris, in 1721. Cartouche’s exploits were a popular topic for ballads and popular prints.

Turnhout, Brepols (1833 – 1911); via C. Neiszen, whose address is mentioned on the print: ‘in kantoorbehoeftens, Hoogstraat, Rotterdam’, numbered ‘N 56.’ in the top.

20 woodcut illustrations (each ca. 67 x 59 mm) on paper, stencil coloured in red, yellow and blue; 2-line verses under each image in Dutch and French; total: 425 x 345 mm; frayed edges.
Meyer, p. 95, Boerma p. 726 (Brepols 56).

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