[Centsprent/catchpenny print, antique game, gambling] Het nieuw Arlequin Spel. / Le nouveau Jeu d’Arlequin. No. 84, published ca. 1830-1840.

Children’s print with the game called ‘Harlekijnspel’, named after the Harlequin figure in the middle of the print, carrying a bag with the number 7. Around him is an arch with the numbers 2 to 12. The game is played with two dice. The players have to put a token on the number rolled with the dice. Number seven is the pot, and the players who roll seven leave their token there, meaning that throughout the game more tokens stay in the pot. The person who is the last to have tokens left wins. The rules are explained at the bottom of the print.

Turnhout, Glenisson en Van Genechten or Glenisson en zonen (1833 – 1900), numbered ‘84’ in the upper left corner.

Woodcut illustration in border (325 x 270 mm) on paper; hand coloured in yellow, red and green; text under image in letterpress; total: 400 x 315 mm; paper in good condition.
Meyer p. 140, Boerma p. 748 (Glenisson 84). CP099.

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