Coenraet Decker (1651-1685)

[Cartography, etching and engraving] ‘T ONTZET VAN LEYDEN, published between 1679 and 1684.

Map of Leyden and environs, showing flooding through severed dyke, Sea Beggars arriving with provisions bottom left, and Spaniards leaving the territory. On the top left, commemorative medals suspended from eagle. On the right a legenda with the explanations of the numbers within the picture.

Titled above: ”T ONTZET VAN LEYDEN’

Used as illustration in Pieter Bor’s “Nederlandsche Oorlogen” published by the Widow of Joannes van Someren, Abraham Wolfgangh & Hendrick en Dirck Boom in Amsterdam:, between 1679-1684.

Etching and engraving on paper, pasted down on pressed wood (the backing of a frame); total: 293 x 380 mm; rather cooked paper, also due to the pasting dow, some foxing, otherwise in good condition. F. Muller 691b.

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