Bol, Hans (1534-1593)

Apollo killing Coronis. (Apollo doodt Coronis, de moeder van Ascelpius).

Wide landscape with mythological scene (passage from the Metamorphoses) on the right: Apollo kneeling in terror for he has killed Coronis. Her body lies on the ground with an arrow in her chest. Coronis was Apollo’s mistress, but ran off with another lover. Apollo, therefore, shot and killed her. On the left a degrading landscape leading first to a castle and then to a village in the distance. On the descending path a shepherd with his flock. In the right background a church tower. Numbered on the bottom right: ’17’ From a series of 30 plates.

Etching on paper, trimmed on plate mark; total: 127 x 187 mm; in passepartout; on verso light scribble in pencil.

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