[Antique wooden basrelief] Margaret of Parma [?] / Margaretha van Parma [?], ca. 1750.

Two scenes depicting episodes that can be related to Margaret of Parma (1522-1586), regent of Flanders and the Low countries from 1559 to 1567, and from 1578 to 1582.

The illegitimate daughter of Philip V, Margaret was used by her father as a pawn to grow and maintain his power in the European countries. In 1555, she left Italy for the Netherlands, where she left her son in the care of her half-brother Philip II. Philip appointed her Governor of the Netherlands when he left in 1559 for Spain. As governor, Margaret faced the rising storm of discontent against the Inquisition and Spanish despotism, and Philip had left her but nominal authority. He was determined to pursue his own arbitrary course, and the result was the revolt of the Netherlands. Margaret was forced to adjust herself to the advice of Cardinal Granvelle, Philip’s choice for her chief councillor, who would grow to be greatly disliked in the Netherlands. After Granvelle’s exile from the Netherlands in 1564, Margaret was forced to rely on the grandees in her Council. In 1565, an opposition party was formed from the Dutch nobility. Margaret received its complaints and, having no army to put down the dissenters, promised to stop religious repression. In 1566, Iconoclastic riots took place all over the Netherlands but she managed to quell them, with the help of her stadtholders Philip of Noircarmes (who subjugated the cities of Tournai and Valenciennes) in Hainaut and William of Orange in Holland. The next year, Philip sent her military help led by the Duke of Alba. Margaret warned Philip that actions by Alba would lead to catastrophe, but instead of trying to stop Alba, she resigned when she learned that Alba’s power of attorney, granted by Philip, superseded her own.

The scenes take place in highly decorated interiors, with walls covered in tapestries and painted ceilings. The characters are clad in 16th century clothing. Possibly copied after 18th century history prints in the style of Buys / Vinkeles.

Basreliefs realized in wood, covered in gesso and coated with paint to mimic the texture of ivory. Within black wooden frames; total: 420 x 310 mm. In good condition.

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