François van Bleyswijck (1671-1746)

[Antique title page, ca. 1700] LYK- EN GRAFDICHTEN, published ca. 1700, 1 p.

Frontispiece of a chapter in a collection of poems by Jacob Zeeus (1686-1718), illustrated by Leiden artist François van Bleyswijck. Plates from the set were employed in other editions, also as single plate.

LYK-EN GRAFDICHTEN: Vignette with frame in which a tomb with a reclining figure and a mourning man and woman are included. A skull, an extinguished torch and gabled hourglasses refer to transience.

Signed: ‘F. Bleiswyck inv. & Fecit.’

Etching on paper, with margins; total: ca. 202 x 160 mm; in very good condition.

Incl. BTW  48,40

Excl. BTW  40,00

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