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[Antique title page, 1725] Tooneel der Vereenigde Nederlanden, published 1725, 1 p.

A medieval messenger, a herald, holds a roll with an inscription. At bottom some coat of arms.

Inscription top right: ‘I. Volume Fol: 372.’ Inscription at the top right on the scroll: ‘Name rolle der Graaven van Holland.’ On the roll, 38 names of the successive Dutch counts, stating the year of death and reign and from which house they came. Of the last 2 mentioned, Phiips IV and Philips V, the portraits are not included in the series within the publication this print is frontispiece of.

At the bottom row of coats of arms with accompanying captions, from left to right: ‘Alamanien’; ‘Walschland’; ‘Holland’; ‘Hainaut’; ‘Gouda’; ‘Haarlem’; ‘Delft’; ‘Leiden’.

Originating from: François Halma, Tooneel der Vereenigde Nederlanden […], published in Leeuwarden in 1725, in 2 vols.

With a different background, this herald was copied by Taco Hajo Jelgersma and Hendrik Spilman as frontispiece to the Graaven van Holland.

Etching on laid paper with wide margins; total: 390 x 248 mm; despite some rubbing and yellowing on the external margins, in good condition. Van Someren 102.

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