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[Antique title page, 1690] Rè schiavo di sue Cupidità: overo Idea delle procedure e machinationi ambitiose della Francia dopo la Pace di Nimega, sino al presente, published 1690, 1 p.

Frontispiece to a book written in Italian concerning the deeds of the French nation after the peace of Nijmegen (Verdrag van Nijmegen). The treaty was signed between the United Provinces and the Reign of France the 10th of August 1678.

The rare booklet was published in Cologne, though on the title page the mentioned city is ‘Cosmopoli’.

As the title suggests – literally translated: ‘The king slave of his own avarice: the ambitious ideas, deeds and machinations of France after the Peace of Nijmegen, until the present times’ – this booklet is quite satirical as the frontispiece itself shows: the king of France is actually tearing apart the piece of paper representing the treaty: ‘La Pace di Nimega 1679’. The pieces of paper will fall on the ground along with the other treaties that France signed throughout time like the treaty of Vervins (1598), the treaty of the Pyrenees (1659), the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668) and so forth.

On the flying ribbon above the composition: ‘Non sono schiavo di mie parole’, which translates: ‘I am not slave of my own words’.

Engraving and some etching on paper; plate mark: 101 x 65 mm, total: 122 x 74 mm; slightly cooked paper, small worm hole on the left, defect of printing in the bottom center of the plate, due to folding paper whilist being pressed. Damp stains on the verso; scribbling in blue pen on the verso. Rare.

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