[Antique title page, 1657] URBIUM Totius BELGII SEV GERMANIAE INFERIORIS…, published 1657, 1 p.

Title page to:’URBIUM Totius BELGII SEV GERMANIAE INFERIORIS…’ with the printer’s device at middle bottom. The device features a flying Fama at top playing two trumpets; at center an armillary sphere on which sides are a farmer and a man looking at the sky with a Jacob’s staff. A motto on a ribbon reads: ‘VIVITUR INGENIO’.

The book collected views of the cities from above.

Date of print 1657, published in Amsterdam by Jan Janssonium.

Letterpress and wooduct on paper; total: 480 x 301 mm; despite some age discoloration on the paper, in good condition. Mounted on a cardboard mat.

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