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[Antique title page, 1590] Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et biblicarum historiarum cum tabulis geographicis aere expressis, published 1590, 1 p.

Allegorical title page with illustrations of the ‘Theatrum Terrae Sanctae…’ a detailed study of the Holy Land.

The author, Adrichem (1533-85) was a Delft-born priest (a.k.a., Christianus Crucius) who wrote several works on Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The volume contains descriptions of the architectural ruins in the Holy Land.

This title page was designed for what is held to be the first edition (later editions dated 1593, 1600, 1613, 1628, and 1682) which was translated into several languages, including English. Inscribed at bottom: ‘Cum gratia et Privilegio’.

Engraving on paper; plate mark: 300 x 206 mm, total: 376 x 249 mm; on verso some text in letterpress; mounted on cardboard; some smudges, staining especially on the margins; charming impression.

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