Albert Meyering (1645-1714)

[Antique prints, etchings/etsen] Two river landscapes [set: Classical Landscapes] (Twee rivier lanschappen), published before 1700.

Two wide river landscapes, one with high mountains on both sides (Hollstein 23), the other with classical ruins and a bridge (Hollstein 20). Signed at bottom: “A. Meyeringh inv. et f.”. The second impression especially reminds of Italian-Roman landscapes. From a series of twenty-seven prints showing classical landscapes.

Etching on paper with some margin; plate mark: ca. 220 x 325 mm ; total: ca. 230 x 340 mm; Hollstein 23 presents a brownish stain on the bottom left corner and some smudges along the margins, nevertheless in good condition; Hollstein 20 was mounted on another sheet of paper, though the left margin is now loose as some portions of paper are torn from the mount. These tears affect the left margin, and slightly the plate; some other minor staining on the rest of the plate. Published in Amsterdam around 1665.

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