Jan Caspar Philips (1680/1700-1775)

[Antique prints, etching and engraving] Illumination for the coronation of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, published 1745-1747.

Two plates with the illumination on the occasion of the coronation of Francis I (1708-1765) as  Holy Roman emperor,  displayed between 4-6 October 1745 in front of the house of publisher Anthoni de Groot in The Hague, seen from the east and west sides. A large illuminated sign hanging across the street with a portrait of the emperor, the virtues attributed to him and other allegorical images.

Both prints titled above in Dutch and at bottom in French: ‘AFBEELDINGE VAN DE ILLUMINATIE, Ter geleegenheid der KROONINGE van den GROOT-HERTOG VAN TOSCANEN, enz. enz. enz. tot ROOMS-KEIZER, geduurende drie dagen, te weeten den 4, 5 en 6 October 1745, door Anthoni de Groot, Courantier van ’s Gravenhage, ten zyne Huize gedaan. Van de Oost-zyde te zien. / REPRESENTATION DE L’ILLUMINATION…’ and the other print titles: ‘DEZELVE ILLUMINATIE: Van de West-zyde te zien…’

Signed at bottom right: ‘J.C. Philips direx.’ with the address of the publisher below: ‘Suptibus A. de Groot’.

Two plates, etching and engraving, trimmed to or within plate mark; total: 403 x 187mm; some light smudges and some damages on the corners, otherwise in great condition. Muller 3843-6.

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