[Antique print, Optica, Roma] Vüe du Campidole Romaine, avec l’Escalier vers l Eglise s’Araceli (Church Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Capotolijn kerk), 1 p.

Georg Balthasar Probst, Augsbourg ca. 1750-1800 317 x 427 mm Etching/engraving/watercolour Prospectus Campidolü Romanum, cum Scala versus Tempe Araceli; Vüe du Campidole Romaine, avec l’Escalier vers l Eglise s’Araceli; Veduta del Romano (…); Gesicht des Romanschen (…); Med. Fol. No. 6; C.P.S.C.M.; Georg Balthasar Probst, excudit, A.V. Pasted onto cardboard. Small tears in the margins (‘repaired’ by pasting to cardboard). Light discolouration. Small hole underneath the horse wagon. Overall state good.

Hand coloured optical view of the Campidoglio and the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome. The square, of which the entrance is guarded by two enormous statues of horsemen, is designed by Michelangelo. Next to this square on the Capitol Hill lies the basilica from 12th century. This print gives a beautiful overview of the architectural delights. It is hand coloured in green, orange and yellow tones.

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