Cornelis Dusart (1660-1704) and Jacob Gole (c. 1660-1724)

[Antique print, mezzotint] Lottery van Grottenboek (loterij), published ca. 1694.

Illustration of the lottery that was held for the victims of the big fire in Grootebroek village (near Enkhuizen) on 20th August 1694. A man plays the trumpet to announce the winners: a man delivers a sealed letter to a child and a woman behind a door.

Titled: ‘Lottery van Grottenbroek / Vertoonnende met wat Vreugd de considerabele Prysen tuys gebrogt worden’.

With the address at the bottom: ‘C. Dusart inv: et Fecit J. Gole exc. Amstelod. cum Privil:’.

Mezzotint on paper, trimmed within plate, pasted down on a wood panel; total: 262 x 200 mm; state III/3; some dirt and a crease towards the right margin; Hollstein 40.

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Excl. BTW  500,00

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