Gottlieb Friedrich Riedel (1724-1784)

[Antique print, handcolored optica, The Hague] VUE VERS L’ENTREE DE LA VILLE DE LA HAYE/Aankomst in Den Haag, published ca. 1750.

Engraving with a view on the entrance to the city of The Hague, gezicht bij aankomst in Den Haag.

Titled above: ‘Collection des Prospects. VUE VERS L’ENTREE DE LA VILLE DE LA HAYE.’ The title in capital letters mirrored as the print is a so called vue d’ optique and was thus made to be looked at through a zograscope.

Titled at bottom in German and French: ‘Prospect aus dem Wald gegen den Eingang zu der Stadt Haag in Holland. / Vue hors du Bois vers l’Entree de la Ville de la Haye en Hollande.’

With address of the publisher below: ‘Se vend a Augsbourg au Negoce comun de l’ Academie Impariale d’Empire des Arts libereaux avec Privilege de Sa Majeste Imperiale et avec Defence ni d’enfaire ni de vendre les Copies:’

Signed on the bottom right: ‘Grave’ par F. Riedel’.

Handcolored engraving and etching on paper, trimmed close to plate mark; total: 315 x 426 mm; frayed margins, damaged right margin, a worm hole, some stains on the top left corner, though not affecting the plate.

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