Daniel Meisner (1585-1625)

[Antique print, hand colored engraving] Amors-fort (Amersfoort), published ca. 1640.

Hand coloured print of the Dutch city of Amersfoort. Accompanied by the Latin motto ‘Prius Mori, Qvam Fidem Fallere’, meaning ‘To die first, than to break his faith’. Further description in Latin and German on the bottom of the print. The motto is pictured in front of the city by a christian temple, above which a thorned crown and rose is shown. Two arms, coming from the clouds, try to break the crown without succes.

Print number E51 originates from ‘Daniel Meisner, Sciographia Cosmica (…), Nürnberg, P. Fürst, 1638-1642′.
After Meisner’s Thesaurus Philo-politicus (…), 1623-1632. This series of 830 emblematic prints contained eighty prints concerning Dutch and Belgian cities.

Overall size: 13,5 x 19 cm; plate size: 9,7 x 14,6 cm. Very good state. Some age related discolouration. Reinforced in the upper margin on the verso. Handlaid paper with watermark.

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