Jan Both (1618/22-1652)

[Antique print, etching] The woman on the hinny (Upright Italian Landscapes) De vrouw op de muilezel, published ca. 1644-1652.

“In the middle of a hilly landscape, clothed with trees, a female is seen sitting sideways on a mule, preceded by another mule, and followed by a man with his dog: near them to the left, are several high trees. The ground towards the front forms the bank of a brook, which appears at the lower extremity on the right: to the left, in the distance, is a large mountain.

At the top, on the right, is written – “Both fe.”. This view is taken at a spot called “Aqua Negro”, in the road between Bologna and Florence. ” Thoms Wilson, “A catalogue Raisonné of the Select Collection of Engravings of an Amateur”, 1828; nr. 996, p. 235.

Such a characteristic name for a location sounds a bit strange to Italian ears, as the word Aqua, correctly spelled “acqua” is a feminine name, therefore the adjective “negro” should be “negra”. Among the many places that are called Acqua Negra or that have something to do with “black waters” between Bologna and Florence is the small black lake, “Lago Nero” on the Abetone mountain.

Numbered on the bottom right: “3”.

Etching on paper, trimmed to plate; total: 267 x 207 mm; state VI/6. Hollstein 1. Despite some light brownish staining, in very good condition.

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