Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)

[Antique print, etching, Piranesi] Veduta degli Avanzi di Fabbrica magnifica sepolcrale co’ sue Rovine.(remains near Torre de’ Schiavi near Porta Maggiore), published 1756-1784, 1 p.

Plate LX from the II out of four volumes collection Le Antichità Romane collecting plates by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, firstly published by Angelo Rotili in Rome between 1756 and 1757. The second edition appeared in 1784. Original wide margins, no traces of binding or folding. One plate with the illustration and title.

Titled below: ‘Veduta degli Avanzi di Fabbrica magnifica sepolcrale co’ sue Rovine, la quale si vede vicina a Torre de’ Schiavi un miglio e mezzo in circa / fuori di Porta Maggiore

Signed on the bottom right: ‘Piranesi Archit. dis. ed inc.

“The building represented in this plate and in the following one is located in the Park of Villa Gordiani on via Prenestina, of which it constitutes one of the most remarkable architectural features of the Roman era. Through the excavations carried out in the last century in that archaeological area, a complex of buildings belonging to a patrician villa of the republican era was found, then enlarged between the second and third centuries AD, in different construction phases, and perhaps also belonged to the family imperial of the Gordiani.[…]” (Giovanna Scaloni, ICG, Rome)

Translated title: View of the remains of a magnificent sepulcral building and its ruins near the Torre de’ Schiavi about a mile and a half from Porta Maggiore / Uitzicht op de overblijfselen van een prachtig graf en de ruines in de buurt van de Torre de’ Schiavi, ongeveer anderhalve mijl van Porta Maggiore.

Etching with some interventions in burin on hand laid paper, with broad margins; plate mark: 395 x 525 mm; total 548 x 795 mm; some tiny holes within plate, somewhat frayed end margins, otherwise in great condition.

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