Girolamo Rossi II (1682-1762) after Antonio Buonamici (fl. 1726) [Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)]

[Antique print, etching, (Piranesi)] Altro spaccato della Camera Sepolcrale de’ Liberti e Servi ec, della Famiglia di Augusto…(vertical section of tomb chamber), published 1756-1784, 1 p.

Plate XXIV from the III out of four volumes collection Le Antichità Romane collecting plates by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, firstly published by Angelo Rotili in Rome between 1756 and 1757. The second edition appeared in 1784. Original wide margins, no traces of binding or folding. One plate with the illustration and a second plate with the description.

Titled below: ‘Altro spaccato della Camera Sepolcrale de’ Liberti e Servi ec, della Famiglia di Augusto…’

Signed on the bottom: ‘Antonio Buonamici delin. / Girolamo Rossi Sculp.

“The plate is ​​one of those engraved by Girolamo Rossi based on a design by Antonio Buonamici for the volume by Francesco Bianchini Camera ed Inscrizioni sepulcrali, where the image is explained in the text as a cross-section of the smaller side of the Chamber, Figure II; it was then modified and reused by Piranesi.
To adapt the illustration to his publications, Piranesi intervened on the engraved slab by adding at the bottom, below the level of the tomb, horizontal parallel lines in etching depicting the section of the wall foundations and the location of the two sarcophagi found in the tomb: details that the author, in his constant attention to the structural aspect of Roman architecture and to the correct restitution of the data emerging from the surveys, wished to highlight. In the plate in Bianchini’s volume that area was occupied by the specification of the scale of Roman palms; in correspondence with this indication on the plate there is an evident extensive abrasion.[…]” (Giovanna Scaloni, ICG, Rome)

Translated title: Another vertical section of the tomb chamber of the freedmen and slaves etc. of the family of Augustus / een ander verticaal gedeelte van de grafkamer van de vrijgelatenen en slaven, etc. van de familie van Augustus.

Etching with some interventions in burin on hand laid paper, with broad margins; plate mark: 407 x 490 mm; text plate: 37 x 484 total 555 x 802 mm; some tiny holes within plate, frayed margins on the very end, otherwise in great condition. Visible watermark.

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