[Antique print, etching] Map of the French Line in Brabant/Franse linie (Spanish Succession War), published 1729.

Map of the French line in Brabant between the rivers Mehaigne and the Oude Gete, in December 28, 1703. Below the map two profiles, the first of the parapets and moats of the line and the second of the battle array of the Allies on December 28, 1703.

Titled within the print in Dutch and French: ‘Plan de la situation du payx et lingne ennemis entre la rivire Mahangne et Geete fait le 28.me decembe. 1703 / Proffiels du retrenchement qui marquent l’espasseur (…) / Ordre de bataillie le 28me xber 1703.’

This map was previously published by Anna van Beek in 1703. It served to illustrate how the war of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) was proceeding.

For further information see Carlyn Osborn’s contribution: ‘Anna Beek and the War of the Spanish Succession.’ (2016).

This impression, however, comes from a later edition from [Jean] du Mont’s: ‘Oorlogskundige beschryving van de veldslagen en belegeringen, der drie … en den Prins van Oranje en Nassau-Vriesland,’ from 1729.

On the bottom right corner: ‘Tom. II, N. 10.’

Large plano, total: 648 x 557mm; wide margins, central folding crease. A fold on the bottom right corner. In great condition.

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